About us


Two brothers from Uruguay start earning their first dollars out of a computer in their shared bedroom during the late 90s. Meanwhile, their cool sister travels the world, cooking and learning at some of the most beloved restaurants in California, New York, Patagonia and José Ignacio. She grew to become a successful Chef, and the boys ended up building a software company to serve restaurants. For the past few years, Juan and Luis Caviglia have worked closely with the best restaurants in Latin America and some of the most celebrated chefs in the world, booking more than 10 million customers at restaurants in nine different countries.

When the Covid-19 Pandemic hit, all restaurants closed their doors globally, leaving everyone in the Industry in very unsetling terms. That is when Juan and Luis started inviting their most trusted and talented chefs to fly to California and create unique experiences. Ritual  opens up a new hospitality realm: making it easy and frictionless to host the most sophisticated and passionate food lovers at the table with the most renowned and trailblazer chefs in the World. In the process we are creating a platform to unlock the boundless value of the dining experience, empowering chefs to foster the food cultural heritage of humanity.